I’ve spent the last year or so of my daily commute building a social bookmarking site that for me has now replaced my use of delicious, and I think offers more than other services such as diigo, Google Bookmarks et al.

Now with a new job on the horizon, I want to spend less time on building the site, but at the same time don’t want it to stagnate.

To that end, today I’m releasing an open source version of the social bookmarking site bkmrx.com on Github, and have uploaded a live version of the open source site at bkmrx.org. This is a fairly comprehensive rewrite of the website into a Mojolicious and MongoDB stack (bkmrx.com is mainly PHP & MySQL), and as such is not a full replication of the features available on bkmrx.com (see the about page for a comparison).

I believe that bookmarking is a paradigm that should work (especially in tandem with full text search), but it has not kept up with the incredible growth of the dynamic web over the past few years. New technologies such as HTML5, websockets and the real-time web have huge potential for the bookmarking (or ‘save for later‘) concept. Hopefully by creating a new service, and making the source code available to all, these new technologies can be used without worrying too much about legacy support for older browsers such as IE6 (or even IE period).

While there are great new services out there that fulfill part of the bookmarking/save for later need such as Readability, Instapaper, Lumi, etc, there is a lack of a service that ties it all together. Hopefully by providing a version of bkmrx in a modern web framework, the potential for API integration with these services will be greater, and new & interesting services will come out of it.

Give bkmrx.org a test drive, or fork it on Github!

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