Each week I put together a digested read of the most interesting search-related articles to ping around the newsroom at the Telegraph – it seems a shame to not share the content more widely as it can be hard to filter out signal from noise in the search world…

  • Regulation: The anti-trust case against Google in the EU rolls on apace; the NYT has a 96 page job description for a potential dedicated Google monitor. A troubling ruling from a French court has demanded that Google find a way to remove all links past, present & future from their search engine to any sites that contain images of Max Mosely’s notorious parties.
  • Authorship: An eye-tracking study has revealed that searchers’ attention is drawn to search results that have byline images, even if they don’t rank as well as other pages. The concept of “Author Rank” in Google is nothing new, but it is likely to grow in importance beyond just Google, as this article argues – if you’re not familiar with Klout score or topic specialization it’s worth getting to know the concepts at least.
  • Local search: Google officially launched a Ingress, a multi-player augmented reality game for Android – but is it a stealth move to collect more local data?  This week Google also launched a pilot of 160 “internet information kiosks” at strategic points across London.
  • Mobile search: Two big Google updates this week on both iOS and Android. Their interface into Google Now on iOS got a major update, including the ability for voice activated search with the command “OK, Google”. Meanwhile on Android, Google have updated their ‘Kitkat’ OS home page so that the primary interface is now (Google) search – great for increasing their mobile search volumes (and of course ad revenues).
  • Tech: Popular on Hacker News today – a proposal that web designers turn off JavaScript for a day and see how their website works. This would be a great way of designers and developers seeing a website from something akin to Google’s perspective too.

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