SECrawl Website Auditor

Coming soon!

Crawl any site fast, analyze in real-time as the site is crawled, and use the power of enterprise search to focus on how to improve your content


  • Fast, parallel crawling
  • Near real-time analysis - audit your site as it’s being crawled!
  • Gain insight into how a search engine may view your page with relevancy scores for each search result
  • Flexible & fast reports
  • Enterprise-level site search
  • Find problems quickly - expose outliers in large sets of data instantly
  • Over 20 Google-style advanced search operators supported
  • Combine search operators to perform highly advanced queries and create custom reports
  • Export every search page to XLSX files for further analysis & reporting
  • Detailed break-down of every page crawled
  • Experimental features including Google ngram-style reports for content with publish times