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Rob is a highly experienced online marketing expert with over 12 years experience working with some of the UK's best known brands. He is currently Head of SEO at Trinity Mirror, where search traffic has grown significantly above targets every year.

Trinity Mirror's content analytics tool 'HiveAlpha' was invented by Rob and is used by hundreds of people across the company. It improves the workflow of journalists, surfaces insights for SEO & social teams and more. As well as helping the SEO team in achieving their goals, it has been called "an exceptional industry tool" by its editorial users.

Read posts written by Rob on the Trinity Mirror Digital blog.

This site is a portfolio of some personal projects.


seo crawler

Free online website crawler - identify SEO issues with your website instantly, online, on any device (unless you're using Internet Explorer...)


Enterprise scale website crawler. Crawl millions of pages and analyse them on the fly using a powerful search engine.


Open source social bookmarking with full text search.

Lightweight rel=nofollow alternative for sites with restrictive content management systems